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Our Governors

If you would like to contact our governors, please email Sarah Richardson, Clerk to the Governors, at the following address:

The following PDF’s outline further information about our Governing Board. (please use the PDFs attached as links on each of the following headings)

We have 4 types of Governors at Stoke Bishop Primary School:

  • Staff Governors
  • Parent Governors
  • Member Appointed Governors
  • Foundation Governors

Staff Governors

Staff Governors fall into two categories: Teaching staff, and Support Staff. Staff Governors are elected by the teaching and support staff who are paid to work at the school. This category also includes a reserved place for the Headteacher. For 2021-22 they are:

Andrew Quinton

Barbara Woolwright

David Forrester (Headteacher)

Parent Governors

Parent Governors, as the title implies, are drawn from parents or guardians of children at our school. Parent Governors normally serve for a period of 4 years and are elected by the parents or carers of children at the school. For 2021-22 they are:

Bridget Davies – Chair of Governors

Michael Barnes

Jamie Pirie

Helen Rowe

Sophie Summers

James Wiggins

From time to time, the school will send home a letter notifying parents that there is a vacancy for a Parent Governor. If there are more nominations than there are vacancies, then there will be a ballot, at which point all of the parents get to vote for the candidate of their choice.

As a Parent Governor, elected by parents, the role is to bring a parental perspective to the Goverining Body’s decision making, rather than represent the parental constituency.

Member Appointed Governors

Member Appointed Governors are people from the local community, elected by the governing body. For 2021-22 they are:

Cynthia Treharne

Paul Wake

If you would like to find out more about being a Member Appointed Governor, either at this school or another, you can contact our Chair of Governors.

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are made up of representatives from the local diocese, including staff and church members at St Mary’s. They are responsible for advising on the Christian ethos of our school. For 2021-22 they are:

Jema Ball – Co Vice Chair of Governors

Rachel Powlesland

Beverly Richardson

Helena Richards – Co Vice Chair of Governors

For more information on our governors and Trust members, please see the documents below:

FGB minutes