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About Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Stoke Bishop Church of England Primary School flows from our vision:

‘Believing it’s Possible’

This means that the learning we provide is based on a belief in all children and their ability. The themes that they study are intended to stretch their understanding, appreciation of and commitment to, the world in which they live.

We believe that it is possible, through the right experiences to nurture children who engage with what is happening locally, nationally and internationally. In this, we want them to develop an independence of mind; to be children who have opinions and who understand the need to take responsibility for themselves.

Developing Our Curriculum

Intent: What we are aiming to do is based on our Vision and Values. Ultimately we want children to leave this school ‘Believing it’s Possible’. Having dreams of what they want to achieve with a clear work ethic that supports them taking the steps to achieve those things.

Implement: What we are doing to deliver our intent The strategies we have been putting in place in the way we work (Hubs) and our focus on particular areas of the curriculum, are aimed at developing strong core skills that are thoroughly woven into the wider curriculum through interesting, varied and challenging topic themes. We are also developing key principles that support the children’s development such as independence and parental participation.

Impact: What success will look like We should see children who are confident about themselves, the skills they have and the skills they are developing. Who are aware of the world around them personally, locally, nationally and globally. Who want to interact with it and have a voice in making it a better place for everyone. They will have made good progress academically, socially and emotionally.

The children study five or six themes across the year, each with clear subject specific objectives drawn from the national curriculum. The focus and order of these themes varies in relation to the year group and Hubs that they belong to. In Reception, the children continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

We have key Teaching & Learning principles underpinning the content of this curriculum that impact on how the content is approached and, together with our School Values of Passion, Integrity, Grace and Courage, provide children with a successful platform for their ongoing development as successful learners throughout their lives.

Each year group has a long term plan that is reviewed each year. This sets out what is being studied from a subject perspective:

Curriculum Presentation Evening 12/10/22

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