Stoke Bishop
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We want pupils to leave Stoke Bishop with a strong understanding and appreciation of the some of the key people and events that have shaped the history of Bristol, Britain and the world. We want to give them a broad perspective and an understanding of how the present comes about. We want to instil in our pupils a life-long love and understanding of history, while equipping them with the skills to question, evaluate and learn from the past. We want to empower children to become active future citizens and believe it’s possible to shape their future

Curriculum provision
History is explicitly taught as a distinctive subject through topic work. It is led and planned by teachers using objectives derived from the National Curriculum. There are strong cross curricular links with other subjects. There is clear modelling of historical vocabulary and terminology and there are opportunities for oracy in lessons. Vocabulary will be explicitly taught through Word Aware which has been introduced recently. Chronology is a currently a large focus nationally and within school and timelines are used in displays and exercise books. Pupil voice showed KS2 were able to explain what chronology means. A variety of theme days and history work shops take place across the school.
Our areas to develop this year are to focus more on the local area and people and look at diversifying the curriculum. We are also focusing on making sure children know when and why they study history.

Children will be assessed against the national curriculum objectives as below, on track and above 3 times a year. This will be in line with the assessments written on children’s learning meetings. Most children will come out as on track.