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At Stoke Bishop, the purpose of the music curriculum is to allow all children to experience and enjoy music in variety of ways and be able to express themselves through music. Through the teaching of music, children are able to create and perform music as a class, group and individual, building their confidence and teamwork skills. We aim for all children to access opportunities to create, play, perform and enjoy music and for children who excel in music to be able to further expand their experiences. We also use music for enjoyment and engagement as we meet as a school community. We want children and adults at Stoke Bishop to see music as an important part of our school life. Music celebrates our differences and unites us, connects us with our world, each other and ourselves.


The scheme of work for music is the Bristol Primary Curriculum that focuses on the 5 core skills: playing and performing, notation, composition, listening, and the history of music. Across each year group, the 7 inter-related dimensions (structure, pitch, timbre, duration, tempo, dynamics and texture) of music are at the heart of what is taught and make up the concepts for the subject. Within the curriculum, pupils have wide and varied musical experiences to develop their practical skills as well as equipping them with the language to respond, evaluate and appreciate all music they hear. Each year group/hub has the opportunity to learn a different tuned instrument to give all children a chance and the experience of learning a variety of instruments. There are also extra-curricular activities and private music lessons available to widen children’s experiences in music.

Tuned Instruments Taught in Each Year:

Year GroupTuned Instrument
Year 1 and 2Glockenspiels
Year 3Recorders
Year 4Doods and Toots
Year 5 and 6Ukuleles

Extra-curricular Activities/Lessons:

KS1 ChoirThursdays, 12.30-13.002GPFree
KS2 ChoirTuesdays, 12:00-12:306LFree
RecordersWednesdays, 12:00-12:30 (Year 3 and 4)
Wednesdays, 12:30-1:00 (Year 2)
ICT SuiteFree
KS2 EnsembleFridays 12:30-1:00 (KS2 children who have been learning an instrument for over a year)6LFree
Rock SteadyWednesday and Thursday afternoonsOak BlockPaid
Piano LessonsMonday and Tuesday afternoonsOak BlockPaid
Violin LessonsTuesday afternoonsOak BlockPaid
Trumpet LessonsWednesday afternoonsLeadership RoomPaid
Guitar LessonsTuesday afternoonsRoom 8Paid


Children at Stoke Bishop have an enjoyment of music and by the end of their time at Stoke Bishop, they will be able to perform (solo and group, singing and instrumental), read basic notation and listen to and appraise music. Through the use of regular singing assemblies and performances, there is a positive whole school outlook on music. Children will be assessed against the national curriculum objectives as, Pre-Key stage, Working towards, At Expected and Above, 2 times a year.



Please find our whole school Music Curriculum Overview above.