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Courage     Passion     Integrity        Grace

Coraje        Pasión       Integridad     Gracia

Learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures, fosters children´s curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world.

In Key Stage 1, children are introduced to Spanish informally through songs, games and rhymes. All our pupils from Year 3 onwards learn Spanish and enjoy the benefits of starting to learn a foreign language at an early age. We teach through songs, videos, games, interactive activities and lessons based on a practical communicative approach.

Our aim at Stoke Bishop is to ensure that children develop a love of learning languages. We introduce the skills and understanding of how to learn a new language and the building blocks of good vocabulary to enable them to ask and answer questions or speak about the topics we cover.

Throughout Key Stage 2, our lessons aim to help them learn the foundations for further foreign language learning at Key Stage 3 and to give a smoother transfer to Secondary School.

Spanish Games to play at home

Key Stage 2 children are able to practise their Spanish at home with a free range of games on our Language Angels website. These games are linked to the Spanish they learn in school and really help children embed the vocabulary in a fun way.

Access the games here: 

Log into the pupil games area using the green button.

Children need to use their class username and password given to them by their teacher. 

Spanish Clubs

We are lucky to host two fantastic after school Spanish Clubs run by a professional Tutor. She teaches Spanish through a range of exciting hands on activities, games and songs as well as celebrating Spanish culture and furthering the learning in our language lessons.

From September 2022 the clubs will be as follows:

KS2 – Club on Wednesdays

KS1 – Club on Tuesday or Thursday

To check availability or sign up for these clubs please contact Ellena Heywood on

International School Award

We’re thrilled to announce that our school has been recognised by the British Council for an International School Award at Intermediate Level. This certificate celebrates the fantastic work of class teachers and pupils across the whole school in exploring other cultures and some of the issues our world is facing through activities such as the Erasmus+ project, Spanish Day, our penpal project and during Arts Week. The British Council says, “Your school has made an excellent start on its international journey and describes a school that has developed a dimension to learning in its curriculum”. We are looking forward to the next steps in this project!