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Thoughtfulness for others. As a school we have focussed on the needs of others and acting to support those needs .We would love to see the things you are doing that support the wellbeing of others. They may be small things in themselves but show awareness of Advocacy.

Although we were unable to have our Harvest Festival assembly this year, we have still been able to support our local community by making donations to our local food bank.

Y2 went on a Bristol Bus Boycott today.

  • xxxx helped find her neighbour’s dog and received this card and some flowers as a thank you. Well done.
  • xxxx helped prepare dinner and even washed up.
  • xxxx being helpful around the house.

  • Raising funds for the NHS.
  • Social distancing cake sale for the NHS, well done.

  • xxx, has demonstrated a wonderful sense of advocacy by taking personal action to support the NHS. He has climbed the equivalent of Everest on his stairs (8,848m)
  • xxxx watering seedlings which he loves to do.
  • xxxx lending a hand to polish the wooden floors which is a great help.
  • xxx lending a helping hand to paint the shed.
  • xxxx offered to chop the herbs in preparation for lunch which was a great help.
  • An amazing attitude.
  • At home we work together to make sure we are all happy.”
  • Every Friday xxx will organise a family party to celebrate a good week.
  • Lending a hand which was really appreciated.
  • xxxx has been really busy doing the dishes, cooking dinner even putting out the recycling. She puts a smile on everyone’s face with her kindness.
  • Ava rescued an injured bird. She built a house for it and then took it to the rescue centre.
  • Helping out with the decorating at home.
  • Delivering food to elderly neighbours.
  • Delivering shopping for elderly neighbours.
  • Helping out with the cooking at home.
  • Cleaning out the fish tank.
  • Being helpful in the garden.
  • Enjoying lending a hand to keep the garden tidy.
  • Busy helping to plant vegetables.