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‘Moving Mountains for Malawi’ Appeal

A Special Thank You Message From Malawi.

Headlines From Local Paper

NORTH BRISTOL PRIMARY SCHOOL RAISES MONEY TO HELP MALAWI’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. Open link below to read all about our school and how we have raised £3,228.25p with Gift Aid that’s an amazing £3,876.32p. Well done everyone.

Wow an amazing message from famous climber Jake Meyer to all the children at Stoke Bishop Primary School.
Good luck message from famous climber Graham Hoyland. Remember
‘Believing it’s Possible’

Stoke Bishop Children are proud to be Moving Mountains to buy bus fares for the Nurses of The Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi. See below the great effort our children are making. Well done to you all.

  • Rubly 3L and Lyla 5A Busy climbing Mountains!
  • Ruby 3L and Layla 5A
  • Ruby 3L and Layla 5A
  • Lucas 6Q after 58 climbs !!
  • Hannah 4P and Ella 5A
  • Nicky 5A
Luna climbing 2R
Patience 3L
Leah 3B
Eddie 1B
Imogen’s Timelapse Video

  • Thomas 3L
  • Stan 4P and Rosie 1P
  • Luna 2R
  • Isaac 1P
  • Imogen 6Q
  • Alice 4B
  • Alice 3B
  • Victoria
  • Elspeth R1
  • Lottie 1P
  • Poppy 6H
  • Rory 2A
  • Thomas and Maximus R2
  • Ros 3L and Freddie 6H
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