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Family Link Worker Taageerada qoyska – pracownik rodzinny – الدعم الأسري – خاندانی اعانت

“I am here to provide support and help for all families that need it. Working together is the best way we can help our children achieve.”   My name is Claire Woodman-Smith and I have recently joined Stoke Bishop School as the Family Link Worker. I have worked as a teacher in Bristol for the last 9 years, both at a local mainstream school and at a specialist provision for children with behaviour and special educational needs. I also have several years experience of supporting families and am a parent myself.    Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs but is, at times, one of the most difficult. The recent pandemic has also put many added pressures on families. I am available to work directly with you in supporting your child and your family by offering friendly, non-judgment, active support and information.      
What I can offer: · Help with how to support your child’s learning. · Support you when attendance or behaviour is a concern. · Assist with any language barriers your family or child may have.
dhibaatooyinka luqadeed – trudności językowe – زبان کی مشکلات  – صعوبات اللغة · Help your child and family during challenging times. · Encourage parents to get together to support each other and share ideas and experiences. · Provide information on other agencies and services. · Or just to have a friendly chat when you need one!  
I can be contacted during school hours (Mon—Thurs). I will also be in the playground in the morning.   Appointments can be made with the school office. Just call in – 0117 3772173 or please email me directly on

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