Year 6 Great Learning

All you ever need to know about CATs by Eden

Poppy’s Memories of The Lockdown

Lily and Arley have been extremely busy

  • Painted tree stump by Lily
  • tree stump by Arley
  • Lily and Arley made bird boxes
  • Rainbow jigsaw by Arley and Lily
Eden’s art work
Eden’s clever photography
Lily’s Apache Work
Lily’s Davy Crocket Work

Learning new skills while at home

  • Eden’s Rainbow Weaving
  • Luchia Making Cheesecake
  • Joey’s Breadmaking
  • Zoe’s Butterfly
  • Eloise Making Swiftboxes
  • Sophie’s Handiwork

Home Learning

Year 6 have done some amazing home learning on World War 2. Have a look!

  • An unusual WW2 recipe – chocolate potato cake!
  • Amazing origami!

Maths Challenge

Emily, Imogen, Joel and Joe in Year 6 attended the Year 6 Maths Challenge at Redmaids School on Tuesday.  They had done some practice questions and so knew what to expect.  It was a stimulating, exciting and challenging event with over seventy children from local schools attending.  The four children were exhilarated by the challenge and await their scores with anticipation.

See if you can solve the maths problem below, which is an example of what the children faced in the Maths Challenge: