Year 5 Home Learning

Home learning is an essential part of developing as an independent learner. In Year 5, children should be taking responsibility for knowing what which pieces of home learning they need to complete and when they must handed in. This will ease the transition into Year 6 when the workload will increase. The work which will be assigned will fall into two categories as outlined below.


  • Daily Reading – your reading record should be written in and signed 5 times a week to show that you have been reading, or discussing your reading, with an adult. You will need this into your teacher on Wednesdays.
  • Weekly Grammar Home Learning– given out on Monday.
  • Weekly Mathematics – given out Thursdays.
  • Weekly Spellings – tested on Friday.
  • Learn Times Tables, Days of the Week, Months of the Year and Seasons.
  • Enquiry-related to projects will be suggested each term and are optional.  


Listen to the news (e.g. Newsround)

Use money in real life situations

Use measure in real life situations e.g. height, cooking, time etc.