Year 5 Current Learning

Term 3-4

This term, our enquiry question is…

How have the Ancient Greeks Influenced Life Today?

We will attempt the following questions, along with others, as part of our learning this term:

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

How do we know so much about Ancient Greece?

Where is Greece?

What did they believe in?

In English, we will be learning about Ancient Greek mythology and reading Beasts of Olympus: Beast Keeper by Lucy Coats

We will be reading and responding to the story, using our VIPERS skills to explore and discuss the plot, the characters and the themes.

We will also be practising using direct speech and compound sentences in our writing. Click the links below to have a practice!

Direct Speech

Compound Sentences

In maths this term, we are learning about multiplication, division and fractions. We will learn to:

– Find equivalent fractions

– Add and subtract fractions with different denominators

– Convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions

– Using written methods to multiply numbers with up to 6 digits by numbers with up to 2 digits

– Using written short division to divide numbers with up to 6 digits by 1-digit numbers

Column multiplication

Good times table skills will be essential to success in maths this year!

Please see our curriculum map for more details on what we will be learning about this year.