Year 5 Current Learning

Term 3

Term 2

This term, our topic is…

Victorian Resources for Schools – BookLife

We will be exploring the chronology of the Victorian era, the numerous inventions, the lives of rich and poor Britains, and the industrial revolution.

In English, we are reading Street Child, by Berlie Doherty.

Street Child (Essential Modern Classics) by Berlie Doherty (2009-01-08): Books

We will be learning how to use relative clauses to add detail to our writing, as well as modal adverbs (e.g. perhaps, certainly, maybe etc.) to indicate degrees of probability.

What is a Relative Clause?

What are Modal Adverbs?

Free Adverbs of Probability Word Mat | Teaching Resources

In maths this term, we are practising our multiplication and division. Knowing all of your times tables will help you massively with this, so get practising!

We will be learning column multiplication and short division (AKA the ‘bus stop’ method).

Please see our curriculum map for more details on what we will be learning about this year.