Year 5 Current Learning

Term 5-6

This term, we are learning about…


500 things to do in bristol

Our learning will be based around our main enquiry question:

How should Bristol’s slaving past be remembered?

We will also try to find answers to the following:

Where is Bristol (on a map)?

Why did settlers choose Bristol as their home?

What was the slavery?

How was Bristol involved in the slave trade?

Who was Colston?

In English, we are reading the fantastic story of Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Wonder (Wonder, #1) by R.J. Palacio

We will be reading and responding to the story, using our VIPERS skills to explore and discuss the plot, the characters and the themes.

This story will inspire us to write our own narratives, using complex sentences, standard and non-standard English, and the ‘power of 3’ in our writing.

How to write a complex sentence

Using standard and non-standard English

In maths this term, we are learning about fractions. We will learn to:

– Interpret and record data in tables, including timetables, and line graphs.

– Convert between units of measurement.

– Measure and calculate perimeter and area.

Click here for some useful information on perimeter and area!

Good times table skills will be essential to success in maths this year!

Please see our curriculum map for more details on what we will be learning about this year.