Year 4 Great Learning From Home.

Year 4 are now starting week 6 of Term 6 and they are still producing some fantastic Home Learning.

Year 4 are creating some fantastic pieces of work and also enjoying some fabulous experiences. We have moved some of your previous photographs into Year 4 Gallery so they are still there for you to view. Please keep the photos and videos coming, we all want to see what you are getting up to.

  • Jake’s amazing Poster
  • Suvis fantastic bug house.
  • Zayid’s amazing Tucan
  • Alice’s book recommendation.
  • Georgia’s book recommendation.
  • Reuben recommends all these books.
  • Suvi’s book recommendation.
  • Tom’s book recommendation.
Hannah’s amazing Amazon Rainforest food chain.

Alex explaining about his home learning.
Jamie’s book review.

Reading Challenge Photos are at the bottom of the page.

Stanley’s amazing working Robot.

Alice and Iona’s rap!

Amazing learning from home photos from weeks 5 and 6.

Ruby Story Telling.

Year 4 Reading Challenge. We would love to see some amazing photos of you all reading and hearing about your book recommendations.