What is it like to be evacuated from Bristol?

We will be focusing on the period of history around World War 2 and what is meant to be an evacuee.

We will be looking and answering the following questions:

When was World War 2 and where and When did it take place?

What were the countries of the Allies and the Axis and where are they on a map?  –

What was the Blitz and which areas were most likely to be affected?  –

What were the affects of air raids and the causes of evacuation? 

What was rationing, why it was necessary and how it impacted on people’s lives?

What were experiences for Jewish children during the war and did the war create many refugees?

How did the war affect people’s everyday lives?

We will be reading and writing about ‘The Lion and the Unicorn.’ We will be learning about Lenny the evacuee during WW2 and his journey away from his family. We will write our own stories about evacuees.

All Souls C of E Primary School - Maths

This term, we are going to be learning about decimals, measure and shape and time.

Learning all the times tables up to 12 x 12 is essential this year! Times tables rock stars is a great way to support your learning.