Year 3 Current Learning.

This term we are learning about the Egyptians as our topic.

This term we are learning about Volcanoes as our topic. We will be looking at the physical processes of the Earth in terms of plate tectonics and earthquakes. We will be linking our Topic with our English in which we are exploring the book When the Giant Stirred and through poetry. We are creating a musical composition on the theme of ‘hot air’ and will create art work to accompany this. We will be creating our own papier mache volcano in Design and Technology.

This Term Year 3 is travelling back in time to explore the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. This term we will be looking at time lines and investigating the ways that Stone Age and Iron Age innovations have shaped our world today. We link our Topic to our English writing and other foundation subjects including PE, Art and Music.


We are bring the Stone Age to life through books. We are starting with the ‘First Drawing’ and this term we focus on descriptive writing using adjectives and exciting verbs.


This term we are looking at place value, understanding how three digit numbers are made up of hundreds, tens and units. We will be comparing and ordering numbers before tackling number problems using these skills.