Year 2 Current Learning

Spring Term: What would it be like to be a monarch?

Eastern crown - Wikipedia

For the whole of the Spring term we are going to be answering our question: What would it be like to be a monarch? We will be learning the countries of the UK, finding out what life is like in castles and then looking in detail at some of Britain’s monarchs. We are loving it already!

Telling the Time

We have learnt to tell the time to o’clock and half past by using the hour hand only. If it is pointing directly at the our then it is o’clock. If it is halfway between two numbers then it is half past the number which it has past. It would be great if you were able to practise this at home. Tomorrow we will move on to quarter past and quarter to.

#WASTENOTHING Schools Challenge

We are taking part in the Bristol Waste Nothing challenge. See the video below for details. Can the children return their completed challenge books back to school by the 19th October! Good luck!

Spelling Rules

During the year we will be looking at different spelling rules. You can help your child at home by spotting words which follow these rules when they are reading and discussing them with them.

We do not do spelling tests in Year 2.

Spellings of the Week

We will be learning the Year 2 Key Words throughout the year using mnemonics. The children will then be able to use these mnemonics to aid their spelling. Please look out for these words when you are reading at home.