Reception Current Learning

Weekly update (17/6/22)

This week Explorers started the week learning about pollution and how rubbish, litter and dangerous liquids called chemicals can make their way into our seas and oceans, causing danger and harm to sea creatures.  The children have enjoyed learning facts about lots of different sea creatures and have been adding to their own aquatic fact file each day. They have also had opportunities to engage in lots of arts and crafts using a range of different media and techniques to make their own sea creatures.

Term 6

This term we will be exploring themes such as:

Under the Sea

Exploring Space

Mini Beasts

Growing and Moving On

Each week we will be taking the children on different adventures giving them the opportunity to ask questions and comment on the things they see and hear. The children will be developing their own thinking by exploring different aspects of each theme and creating their own artwork, roleplay ideas and reflecting on their experiences of the world around them.

In Term 6 we are focusing on continuing to provide children with different ways of learning new mathematical concepts. Listed below are some of the themes we are exploring this term as adult led activities and for children to explore during their independent play.

Bonds to 10! The children will be continuing to practise their re-call of number bonds to 10.

The children will be developing their spatial reasoning skills by playing with jigsaw puzzles and shapes and encouraging them to reason why a particular shape might not fit. This will also involving supporting children to develop their positional language.

This term in Phonics we are revisiting a few sounds in phase 3 (see below) that we feel the children need to consolidate and moving on to teaching phase 4. In this phase no new graphemes are introduced. The emphasis is on consolidating the children’s knowledge of graphemes. They will be taught CVCC and CCVC and polysyllabic words using the sounds previously taught. As a team, this term we have made the decision to group the children across the hub to ensure that the phonics teaching matches your child’s current knowledge and that they are able to progress effectively with a pace of lesson that suits their needs. These groups are fluid and we will be reviewing them constantly.

Week 1: ai, ee, igh recap of all tricky words from phase 2 and 3

Week 2: oa oo oo Tricky words: said, so

Week 3: ar or ur Tricky words: have, like

Week 4: ow oi er Tricky words: some, come

Week 5: ear, air, ure Recap of phase 4 tricky words – said, so, have, like, some, come

Please ensure that you are continuing to read 5 times a week as this really supports your children in transferring the skills taught in phonic lessons into practical situations. It also has a massive impact on their writing.

Watch the video below which goes through the above sounds and how to correctly pronounce them. The sounds we are learning this term can be found from 2min 3sec and 2 min 13 sec.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.