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Year 3 and 4 are performing their production "What a Knight!" on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March. You can buy tickets from the school office. Year 3 and 4 children will need to be dropped at school at 6pm both nights. Our Easter Service is on Thursday morning (22nd March). If you can help, please let your child's class teacher know.
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Our School Houses


Each child belongs to one of the four houses and is able to contribute to their House through House Points earnt in lessons and at Sports Days. Every month we find out in our celebration assembly which house has earnt the most points that month.

The House with the most points at the end of the year wins the House shield!

Meet our House Captains

There are 2 house captains and 2 vice house captains in each house. We are voted for by everyone in the school. It is a very responsible job and we take pride in leading our houses.


Meet St David's House, Vice and Sports Captains!

Our House Captains are Aidan and Stephanie and our Vice House Captains are Chloe and Luke. Our Sports House Captain is Joe.


Meet St Patrick's House, Vice and Sports Captains!

Our House Captains are Edward and Bella and our Vice House Captains are Afia and Edward.  OUr Sports House Captain is Edward.


Meet St Andrew's House, Vice and Sports Captains!

Our House Captains are Aubrey and Aryana and our Vice House Captains are Ben and Evie. Our Sports House Captain is Haider.

Meet St George's House, Vice and Sports Captains!

Our House Captains are George and Mary-Jane and our Vice House Captains are Dexter and Faith. Our Sports House Captain is Dexter.

 Housepoints earned last month:



    ST DAVID                            ST PATRICK                      ST ANDREW                      ST GEORGE    



        709                                 861                               912                               1041  



House Captain Archived Blog 2016-2018


WB: 20.02.2018 - 23.02.2018

Reception - reception have been learning about their sounds (secret word: World Book Day!) have been making good progress. Their new topic is the exciting field of superheros. 

Year One - Year one have been learning about historic castles and are learning different ways to make number bonds.  

Year Two -Year two have just finished their topic of the great fire of London and now study Islands.  

Year Three - year three have been learning volcanoes and have been reading the firework makers daughter.

Year Four -  year four have been learning Antarctica as their topic and are working hard on their play (which is yet to be revealed). 

Year Five - year five have been learning about rivers and are writing a stories about African creation stories

Year Six -  Year Six have been learning about Bristol and Have been writing  balanced arguments, we all had tremendus success in our Mock SATs 

Whole School - the whole school have done amazing things this past few weeks and here are all of them;STEM week was a great success throughout the school, world book day is fast approaching  so get your costumes at the ready. also fast coming is the football teams games which we wish them the best of luck!!

That is the sum up of the week. COME ON ST. ANDREWS! WE CAN TAKE THE SHIELD THIS MONTH!

Aryana and Evie


WB: 02.02.2018 - 09.02.2018

Reception - There week has been based around the gingerbread man. They built bridges and discussed different ways the gingerbread man could have got across the river. They have also been baking and sewing.

Year One - they have been making shape biscuits and marble runs. they have explored the human body and seen some x rays.

Year Two - They have found out abort bubbles and discussed the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They have made rafts, paper aeroplanes and car ramps.

Year Three - They have been making maths cities using nets of shapes and have made vehicles. Today they made a robot with a moving head and insides!!!

Year Four - Year 4 have built CD hovercrafts; created flying helicopters; built igloos using marshmallows and spaghetti; used iPads to take photos of letters hidden in our environment; explored the biology of a whale; and made lava lamps!

Year Five - They have completed a spy investigation; built suspension bridges; and have made names out of nature.

Year Six -  They have been busy doing mock SATs in the mornings, however in the afternoon they have been moving around different classrooms. They've discussed building using different triangles; completed a spy investigation; found out how to build a structure to hold up a dictionary (or several!) and built balloon cars and raced them!

Whole School - What an AMAZING week! Everyone has taken part in a range of exciting STEM projects and have not only learnt a lot but have had lots of fun too! Today (Friday 9th February) the whole school has taken part in "What's in our box?" Each class was given a box full of lots of objects and materials. They then had to decide what they were going to make using the objects and materials from the box! There were robots, rockets, ships and even a water filter! To name but a few!


Edward, Afia, Keturah


WB: 26.01.2018 - 02.02.2018

Reception - have been learning subtraction in maths. in english they have been doing set 2 sounds in PE they been doing target practice 

Year One - maths- number bonds to 20. in topic, they had there own mini Jewish shabbat

Year Two - in English they have been doing for the great fire of London. In Maths, they have been doing addition. in PE they have been doing invasion games.

Year Three -they had Italy day on Thursday. they have done money in maths. they have been doing diary entries in English.

Year Four - Year Four have been learning about area in Maths and have learnt about climate zones in Topic. They've also been learning about Ernest Shackleton's adventure to Antarctica.

Year Five - they have been to the River Trym. they have been learning about  rivers in topic and MR.Rowe took the school football team (Secret Word = Science) to St Bedes for a football tournament.

Year Six -  In Maths they have been doing area and perimeter. In English they have been doing newspaper reports and in topic they have been doing Bristol.

Whole School - This week, some footballers from Year 5 and 6 were taken to a school football tournament at St. Bede's. They did brilliantly and won 2 games and drew the last game. On Wednesday, Years 4 - 6 had a mid-week treat! They all watched the Bristol Old Vic perform Beowulf. Next week, the whole school will be celebrating STEM week. Everyone will be taking part in a range of exciting activities!

Dexter, George and Faith


Week: 12.01.18 - 19.01.18

RECEPTION - They have been learning about Giants and have been going into some new territory in Maths with numicon!

YEAR ONE - Year One have been learning about fun in the playground and reading the amazing book Voices in the Playground. They even went to sea mills and Stoke Lodge Park!

YEAR TWO - Year Two have been studying the Great Fire Of London and have been getting on very well with their progress. They are reading My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat.

YEAR THREE - Year Three have been learning about Italy. They have been reading The Twits and have been writing play scripts about it.

YEAR FOUR - Year 4 have been studying Antarctica and  have been reading a book about the great adventure on Ernest Shackleton. They've also been having debates over whether humans should leave Antarctica alone or not.

YEAR 5 - Year 5 have been studying rivers and have also been reading Journey - a simple picture book that they have made into a very interesting story.

YEAR 6 - We have been writing chiller stories about the short film ALMA. Also we have been writing our own chillers about normal day places. (Secret Word: Sand pit) We have been studying our home town of Bristol  and looking at where it is in the world.

WHOLE SCHOOL - So much has happened lately! Here it is in a quick list: A dodgeball tournament happened this week; an exciting Spelling Bee competition has also happened! The winners were Imogen in year 4 and Edward in year 6. Well done! A maths competition has also happened in year 4 recently. They went to Redmaids high school and came back coming 1st! Matty and Emily also did amazingly coming 3rd!

Aryana, Aubrey and Evie


WB: 3.1.18 - 5.1.18

Reception - In Topic, they have been doing once upon time and in Maths they have been doing estimating They've just started their Read Write Inc.

Year 1 - They've been doing a winter topic, and in English they've been describing winter wonderlands with adjectives. Also, in Maths they have been learning about time.

Year 2 - In English, they've been doing similes, and in Topic they have been learning about The Great Fire of London.

Year 3 - In English, they've been doing New Year's Resolutions and learning their 8 times tables. They have also started their Italy topic.

Year 4 -  In Maths, they had been learning about co-ordinates, and used it on the school map and crack codes around the school.

Year 5 - In Year 5, they have been learning about factor trees. In English, they have been writing Victorian poems.

Year 6 -We have been doing instructions and in Mr Quinton's Maths group we have done some exciting tests. In Mrs Harrison's Maths group they have also done some exciting tests and fractions.

Whole School - On the 3rd of January, (Secret word = New Year) )the whole school has come back from the Christmas holidays, and have made a fresh start to the term.


Mary-Jane, Faith George and Dexter :)


WB: 8.12.17 - 15.12.17

Reception - Reception have been learning their phonics and reading Little Red Riding Hood. They've also been writing about their favourite things. 

Year 1 - They have been learning about shapes and painting. Year 1 have also been writing about (Secret word = #Santa) the Snowman in English.

Year 2 - Year 2 have been learning how to add money in Maths. In English, they've been reading a festive story called Coming Home.

Year 3 - In Topic, Year 3 have continued to learn about the Bronze Age. They've also been learning about dragons and dividing!

Year 4 -  Year 4 have learnt about Anglo-Saxon Gods and have solved the mystery of who stole Mrs Claus' Christmas cake!

Year 5 - Year 5 were authors and wrote their own stories and in Topic, they discovered more facts about the Victorians.

Year 6 - Year 6 have been very busy and the house captains will learn who has won the house trophy later in the week!

Whole School - We ended our exciting term with a carol concert at St Mary's church. It was a beautiful service and the church was full of joyous singing. On Friday, we were all surprised when we went to an end of term assembly. The teachers and some teaching assistants disappeared and then reappeared as fairy tale characters! They performed a Christmas panto and it was soooo funny!



WB: 1.12.17 - 8.12.17

Reception - Reception have been learning set 2 sounds and have also been learning numbers 

Year 1 - Year one have been learning about shapes and have done are currently doing their Nativity play. They have also been rewriting the snowman story and have been making (secret word = Nativity)great progress in their learning.

Year 2 - Year two have been learning about Australia and have been reading Going Home by Michel Monpergo

Year 3 - They have been learning about the bronze age and have been reading dragon stories. Their dragon egg is almost ready to hatch!!!!

Year 4 - Year 4 have been learning about Anglo Saxons and have been reading Beowulf. 

Year 5 - They have been learning about Victorians and have read Street Child.they have also been working on prime numbers.

Year 6 - Year 6 have been learning about WW2 and have learnt some interesting things like the book Carries War have been reading for the past few weeks. It was very good. they had the privilege of watching the movie too.

Whole School - Last week Reception performed their amazing Nativity to both the school and to their parents. This week, Year 1 and 2 are performing their Nativity for 3 whole days! Well done to all the adults and children who were involved in these great performances.

Come on St Andrews! We can gain back our winning streak!

Aubrey, Aryana and Evie



WB: 24.11.17 - 1.12.17


Whole School - It's been a busy week of exciting preparations for Christmas! All classes have been finalising their items to sell at the Christmas Fayre (Saturday 2nd December at 11am until 2pm). So many amazing things for you to buy, such as Emoji sweets, Christmas Lanterns and even Father Christmas is coming! We look forward to seeing oyu there!

Reception are performing their Nativity to their parents/carers today. Good luck! They were brilliant in their whole school dress rehearsal on Thursday.

We have also started celebrating Advent and have been learning about how everyone prepares for Christmas in different ways.

Next week, we have the Bristol Old Vic visiting us and performing their Christmas play (secret word = play) on Tuesday. Also Key Stage 1 are performing their Christmas show on Thursday and Friday next week! Have you got your tickets yet?

Mrs Gough


WB: 10.11.17 - 17.11.17

Reception - have been practicing their Christmas play learning numbers letters and making cone hats.

Year 1 - have been writing about a book called Biscuit Bear and learning about the Christmas story and have been making Angels.

Year 2 - their topic is Australia and they have been learning their 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 times tables.

Year 3 - They have been studying about the Stone age and have been writing about Dragons.

Year 4 -They have been learning how to subtract four digit numbers and they have been busy making their enterprise projects to sell at the Christmas Fayre.

Year 5 - They have been studying about a book called street child and have been learning about the Victorians.

Year 6 - year 6 have been carrying on with their topic about World War Two and we have been writing a prediction for the book we are studying.

Whole School - Today we are celebrating Children in Need so most people have came in wearing something (secret word = spotty) spotty. Everyone has to pay one pound and we give it to Charity for the people who need it.

By Aidan, Luke, Stephanie


WB: 3.11.17 - 10.11.17

Reception - Reception have been learning about numbers and sounds and their target is to be able to count to 20. They have been making brilliant progress so far. 

Year 1 - Year one have been (secret word: honor) learning about toys and have brought in lots of toys from home.

Year 2 - They have been learning about Australia and have been reading a book called Meerkat mail.  

Year 3 - When we wrote this, year three where on a trip but they've had a lot of fun in class but we know their topic is stone age to the iron age.

Year 4 - Year 4 have been on a trip to Caerleon museum and their current topic is Anglo Saxons.

Year 5 - Year 5 have been on a trip to Tyntesfield and are also learning about the Victorian era and have been studying street child.

Year 6 - Year 6 has been studying WW2 and has been reading Silver Sword as a class and are near the end.

Whole School - Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. this is when we remember the people who died for our countries, and we have been selling poppies, friendship bracelets, slap bands, reflectors and wristbands to raise money for the British Legion (BL) which supports people who have fought or who have been injured fighting for our country.


 Ben, Aryana and Aubrey :)


WB: 30.10.17 - 3.11.17

Reception -  This week in Reception, they have been learning about the season Autumn. Also, they have been learning a new sound each day. 

Year 1 -Year one are now learning about Autumn and are also learning how to write poems and use the add sign.

Year 2 - Year 2 are learning about the oceans of the world, continents and the countries within them. 

Year 3 - This week in Year 3 they have been doing column addition and have been writing instructions.   

Year 4 - Year 4 are learning about Romans and are going on a trip next week (hidden word: Fawkes) to Caerleon.

Year 5 - Year 5 are learning about the Victorians and are working on their enterprise project for Christmas making posters and adverts

Year 6 - Year 6 are studying the Silver Sword - a WWII story - in English. In Maths, they are also moving on to fractions very soon.

Whole School - On the third of November, the KS2 choir will be singing in assembly. The value for this month is peace.  


 By Edward W, Bella L and Afia D


Come on St Patricks!


6.10.17 - 13.10.17

Reception -  reception have been doing one sound a day in English and they have also been doing cursive writing. In maths, they have been ordering numbers. In topic, they have done 'me and my teddy' and how to make friends.

Year 1 - year 1 have done place value in maths. In read write inc, they have done art and they have studied there book called dogger.

 Year 2 -  in topic they have been doing Banksy art and Brunel hats. In maths, they have done addition and subtraction. Also, they have studied their book called Pumpkin Soup and then made it.

Year 3 - in topic they have continued to learn about the Stone Age (secret word = sponsored). In maths, they have been learning how to add large numbers with equipment. In RE, they are learning about Hinduism and have studied a book called Rama and Sita.

Year 4 - they have learnt about Hadrian's Wall and designed their own Hadrian's Wall. They have also been learning their Roman Numerals to 100! Did you know that Romans had no numeral for zero?

Year 5 - they have been doing mental maths including rounding and word problems. In English, they are writing their own greek myths. In topic they have been doing class mosaics.

Year 6 - They have been learning about rationing in World War II and continuing to read The Silver Sword.

Whole School - On Friday 13th, the whole school went down to St Mary's Church, to sing multiple songs that Sandy from ISingPop, taught us. In the evening some children came back, to sing the songs again. The people who came back, came dressed in bright clothing, and the church was full, and there wasn't enough chairs for everyone who came to watch.

 Come on St George!

Dexter, Mary-Jane, George and Faith


29.9.17 - 6.10.17

Reception - They have started PE, Phonics and are studying a book called Mr Big. They are doing party related crafts and healthy eating. 

Year 1 - They have been learning about the 5 senses, taste tests, smelling, testing and studying all of the senses.

 Year 2 - They have been looking at the Pumpkin soup and are going to be making it and are learning the inverse in Maths.

Year 3 - Practising for class assembly and writing a stone age story.

Year 4 - Year Four have been (secret word: walk) continuing their learning about the Romans and made mosaics. They have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Year 5 - They have been learning about Greek gods and doing Fractions as well as doing mental addition and subtraction. 

Year 6 -They have been learning about World War 2 and have been doing some fun things in Topic.

Whole School - This week we have become the first school to be awarded a partnership award with our church! Our assembly theme for this month is thankfulness. Make sure you walk to school or park and stride!


Next week we are taking part in I Sing Pop and performing in a concert next Friday. Have you bought your tickets yet? They're selling fast!



Luke, Aidan, Stephanie and Chloe :)



Hey, we're the new house captains of St.Andrews  (the best house). Our names are Aryana and Aubrey and here's the weekly update of whats going on in this fabulous school:

Reception - They're settling in very well with their amazing teachers and have made loads of new friends 

Year 1 - They have been looking at the body and have made a fascinating paper plate skeleton. 

 Year 2 - they are learning about Bristol's most famous inventor, Brunel. they also braved the weather on Wednesday on a trip to the harbor side 

Year 3 -year three are learning about the stone age and the iron age and are reading a book called Stone age boy 

Year 4 -they learning about the ruthless Romans and are reading a book called Thieves of Ostia

Year 5 -year five are studying Greece and are reading Beast of Olympus.

Year 6 - Year 6 have been studying (secret word:race) WW2 and have been reading Silver Sword.

Whole School -Last week the school did a LOT of stuff. KS2 did a cross country and we have also have done a huge community harvest village fair which made everyone feel like one big family. 6H entertained the visitors with a play about WW2 whilst the teachers were judging.

This is what happened last week and COME ON ST ANDREWS WE CAN WIN THE SHEILD!!!!!!!

Aubrey and Aryana 


15.9.17 - 22.9.17

Welcome back to school! Here is an update on what everyone has been up to from Year Six all the way down to Reception. So why don't you read on and see what's going on.

Reception - Reception are learning about how to behave in school and are settling in nicely.

Year 1 -Year One are learning about the human skeleton and are learning about the bee (an ELLI animal).

 Year 2 -Year Two are learning (secret word:harvest) about Brunel, a famous Victorian architect, and the giants of Avon Gorge.

Year 3 -Year Three are learning about the Stone Age.

Year 4 -Year Four are learning about the Roman Army.  

Year 5 -Year Five are learning about the Ancient Greeks in Topic.

Year 6 - Year Six are learning about world war two and and are doing the book study of silver sword in English.

Whole School - Next week we have our Harvest Assembly and a Harvest Village Fair after school on Tuesday. What will you bring?


by Edward Pugh,Bella Lamb,Edward Williams and Afia Danquah




Welcome to Saint Andrew's amazing blog. This blog will help you learn about what each class has been doing this week!

Reception -  In reception they studied the facinating dinosaurs and they re-created their fossils by making them out of clay. They also made a fantstic volcano erruption on the field.

Year 1 - In year 1 they have been working on their assembly - which was amazing!During maths (unicorn) they have been weighing and mesuring things.


Year 2 - In year 2 they have written reports on elephants . They have also studied fractions in maths.


Year 3 - In year 3 they have been mummifing tomatoes.


Year 4- In year 4 they have been writting diary entries and doing role plays about brazil. In maths they have been doing lots of different types of


Come on St Andrews! We want to win this time!

By Hannah, Lola and Freddie


Welcome to Saint Patrick's amazing blog. We hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday Monday. This is what happened during our short but amazing and hard- working week.

Reception - Found out what houses they were in. They've started their new topic and decorated their classroom to match their topic - under the sea. 

Year 1 - They went to Cedar Park and had an amazing time and started there new topic green fingers.( secret word worms )

Year 2 - They have been learning about Florence Nightingale and they are investigating why it is important to wash our hands.


Year 3 - Today they went on a school trip to the museum as part of there topic.


Year 4- They started there new topic Vikings and they learnt a song about all of the names of the Viking gods.


Year 5- Year 5 have been extremely busy this week learning about and writing African myths.  They have also been beat boxing in music.  year five have entered an festival known as the the Goram fair ! 

Year 6- Year 6 have been preparing for sats week with an enormous amount of tests - wish us luck !!  Also getting ready for charity day on the 19th of May.  Don't forget to dress up as a famous historical character and bring £1.

Come on St Patricks! We want to win this time!

By Sacha , Keira and Cleo :D ; )

24.4.17 - 28.4.17

Reception - This week Reception have been learning to do subtraction in Maths and have been doing Easter holiday writing.

Year 1 - This week Year 1 have been learning about Beatrix Potter. In Art they have been using water colours to create pictures.

Year 2 - This week Year 2 have been learning about Grace Darling. Also, in P.E they have been doing Yoga.

Year 3 - This week Year 3 have been starting their new topic- Ancient Egypt. Also,they have been drawing a Egyptian map in chalk on the year 2 playground. In Science they have been looking at how plants grow.

Year 4 - This week Year 4 have been learning about some Viking myths and they have been doing 'I sing pop' and have been learning how to use a protractor. (Secret word:Dragon)

Year 5 - This week Year 5 have welcomed their new teacher Miss Devries. They have been studying Africa and in music they have been listening to hip hop music.

Year 6 - This week Year 6 have been studying the Bristol Bus Boycott and have been looking and writing a diary of a slave.

Whole school:This week was St George's day. Also, all the classes have been preparing for the new English displays. They'll be up next Thursday so look out for them!

Charlotte, Izzi, Harry and zaid

31.3.17 - 7.4.17

Reception -In reception they have done an Easter egg  hunt and are making Easter cards . 

Year 1 - They went on a school trip to Caldicot castle. 

Year 2 - Year 2 have been writing stories  based on little red riding hood and went on an Easter egg hunt .

Year 3 - In year 3 they have been practicing the songs for their performance (secret word = Easter) and went to Stoke Lodge to play in the park and go on a bug hunt.

Year 4 - On Tuesday and Wednesday they performed to their parents and went on a trip to Stoke Lodge.

Year 5 - Year 5 have been making Easter biscuits and rocky road bake.

Year 6 - Year 6 have been practicing  for their sats and will be doing something exciting for Easter this afternoon.

by Gilly Zuhayr and Will

24.3.17 - 31.3.17

Reception - They have been learning about money £££!!! Also making scenarios about rescuing animals! 

Year 1 - In maths they have been learning the importance of place value and next week they are going to a real castle!! To get ready, they are learning about castle weapons...

Year 2 - This week has been very exciting for Year 2! They had a surprise Scottish day as part of the Isle of Coll topic. The teachers dressed in kilts and the children baked shortbread, wrote recipes, designed tartan kilts and create clan shields! They even flew there on the Stoke Bishop airplane!

Year 3 and 4 - They're about to perform an amazing school play! 

Year 5 - They are studying(Secret word = parrots) the book wonder (I wonder why) and learning about they're out of this world topic - space.

Year 6 - The year sixes have been writing a newspaper report on the weather in Scotland.

Freddie and Rico

17.3.17 - 24.3.17

Happy red nose day! (secret word: charity.)  

Reception -  Had a play with the bee bots and learnt how to put out the fire using chairs as the fire, in maths they were learning how to count on remembering the number in there head.

Year 1 - They've been learning about castles and making Mothers day gifts. They've also been writing about the knight and the dragon.

Year 2 - Planted beans to investigate what they need to grow, they've also been busy writing book reviews 

Year 3 - Year 3 have been celebrating there magnificent Italian day.  They've been designing restaurants and have been cooking all sorts of amazing dishes such as pizza, tagliatelle       

Year 4 - Perfecting their play with there costumes and practicing with the year 3's. Mrs Lange is also introducing the weekly challenge so look out when you're walking along the corridor for pictures and maybe the glow team will pull you out of the box outside Mrs Lange's classroom.

Year 5 - Unfortunately they're not here to tell us the amazing things they have been doing this week as they are on a trip to play cricket!

Year 6 - Have been revising for their SATS. All good scores though!! Besides that they have been monologues and dialogues thinking deeply about putting themselves into character.

Keira. Sacha, Charlie and Cleo


10.3.17 - 13.3.17

Reception -  This week reception have been turning into superheros and giving themselves superhero names! They have been making masks and capes for their costumes!!! 

Year 1 - This Friday, year 1 are having their medival banquet, where they will be tasting some delicious medival food.

Year 2 -  Year 2 have had a letter from Katie Morag asking for help so they are sending letters back to her. They have also been looking at 3D shapes.

Year 3 - They have been reading the Fireworks Daughter and in maths have been learning about fractions, they have also been working at the pond. (Secret word: leprechaun).

Year 4 - Year 4 have been practicing their play and they have been doing news reports on the field.

Year 5 - They have started reading a new book called Wonder and they have started to look at the easter story.

Year 6 - Year 6 have been reading the book 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.'  We have been learning about John Cabot and his explorations.

Whole school - In school the swimming results came through, the netball team went to St Bedes Catholic College. Today is year 1's assembly and after assembly year 1 will be having their royal banquet. Today ia St Patricks day and the football inter-house tournament has started, St George are currently winning. The Stages team have found out they got into the GALA!!!!!

Charlotte, Izzy, Harry, Zaid


24.2.17 - 3.3.17

Reception - They have been designing their own superheros and 3D shapes.

Year 1 - They have been learning about castles and are going on a school trip soon.

Year 2 - This week they have taken part in Google Expeditions which was amazing (secret word:computer). They've also been making a collage book of Katie Morag and designing leaflets for the Isle of Coll.

Year 3 - They have been learning about volcainos and exploding them.

Year 4 - They have been practising thier play and learning about iron man.

Year 5 - They have been waching the video titanime and learning about rockets.

Year 6 - We have been reading the boy in the girls toilets.

Whole school - We had Google Expeditions and we were allowed to wear virtual reality head sets.

Keep earning house points St Davids we can win!

Gilly Beau Will Zuhayr

24.2.17 - 3.3.17

Wow! What a busy week we've all had! We started on Monday with the launch of World Book Week! Each class "adopted" an author for the week and learnt all about their books and the author themselves. 

Then on Tuesday we had a visit from a REAL author, Michelle Robinson. Year 1 and year 3 were lucky enough to do some workshops with her as well!

On Wednesday and Thursday we had a visit from Skippy John (secret word: happy). We learnt how to skip as well as develop our skipping tricks! It was AMAZING fun and even the teachers had to join in (which we secretly enjoyed!)

Thursday was World Book Day! We lost all the children as they were replaced by book characters! The whole school was alive with excitement and everyone looked fantastic in their costumes! Well done!

Friday was Parade of Excellence AND the biscuit competition results! So many reasons to celebrate and we are really proud of everyone in our school.

House Captains were away today on a trip so this was written by me, Miss Cannard!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

21.2.17 - 24.2.17

Welcome back! We all hope you have had a wonderful half term. We're already looking forward to Lent, Pancake day and Easter!  

Reception: Wrote what they did during the half term and came up with some amazing stories. In maths they are learning about time. 

Year 1: They did number bonds to 20 and started there new topic Castles!

Year 2: They started a new topic on an island home, focusing on Katie Morag, and also they are being very busy with fractions during maths.

Year 3: They have been practising their play script for their play and their new topic, Italy (Secret word: sugar).     

Year 4: Year 4 have been busy rehearsing their play, slipping in some brilliant acting. We will all be looking forward to it.

Year 5: Year 5 are studying the first hippo on the moon. Looking forward to reading Wonder and excited to start learning about their new topic Space.

Year 6: Did well in their mock SATS last week and pretty much everyone passed! They have been learning about arguments and different points of views.

Whole school: Next week is World Book Week. Don't forget to dress up next Thursday!

Keep trying, St Patricks!!

Keira, Charlie, Sacha and Cle